Tuesday, September 22, 2009

bricked iPhone? Here's how to wake it up from a coma

Today I was using my iPhone and it just stopped-completely with no warning and for no reason at all... It was 200% unresponsive and dead to any and all combination of pressing and holding buttons... I did a little reading and this is what I found that worked:

To wake your bricked iphone from total unresponsiveness:
1) Toggle the vibrate switch (the one above the volume) back and forth two times
2) Then hold the Home and Power buttons for about 10 full seconds.

The apple logo will appear and your phone will be back on its way to rebooting from a no-wakey comatose bricking.

Friday, September 18, 2009

For those who want to know how to edit

Read this article I just found. This is a terrific outline of the most important points of story editing for fiction films, and many of the techniques apply to non-fiction as well. I've been looking for someone to compile these ideas into one list and lo and behold Oliver Peters had it all along.

in fact... holy cow.. Oliver's blog posts are all incredible information even for advanced final cut pro users

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What Codec does Vimeo encode into?

As of August 2009, this is what vimeo encodes into for playback on their webpage. I reverse engineered this with the help of several cool techniques, programs and consulting with Vimeo staff.

HD 16:9
1280x720 .mp4 container
video: H.264 codec @ 2000 kbits/second 2-pass VBR
audio: AAC codec, 128kbits, stereo 44.1kHz

SD 16:9
640x352 .mp4 container
Video: H.264 codec @ 750-800 kbits/second 2-pass VBR
Audio: AAC codec, 128kbits, stereo 44.1kHz

SD 4:3
640x480 .mp4 container
video: H.264 codec @ 1200 kbits/second 2-pass VBR
audio: AAC codec, 128kbits, stereo 44.1kHz

Keep in mind that many videos on the site are still encoded using their old method (.flv container with On2VP6 codec). For playback these videos are scrunched down into a small player for normal viewing, and stretched to fit your screen width on full screen, but this is the actual codec information of the video file, and it's also based on